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Introduction to Openbiblio

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Is you library not automated? Buying a library software is beyond your organizations budget? Don’t worry. Still you can automate your library and give your office staff a chance to search your library catalogue at their seats-virtually at no cost! Perplexed? Here comes a magic word for you-Open Source Softwares! A lot of such softwares are available for library automation. I have a tried a lot of them also and at last found a good choice; that is OpenBiblio. This software is freely available for download. This wonderful application,developed by Dave Stevens is written in PHP programming language and works with Apache webserver and MySQL database server on both windows and Linux. With a little technical expertise, you can install the package and run it. A lot of people are over there in the forums to support you and answer your querries.

Public Library of Science

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The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world’s scientific and medical literature a public resource. The cost of scientific publications are shooting up rapidly. The scientist who is producing nascent information and giving it for publication without getting any remuneration has to pay a high amount to read the works of his peers. PLoS has made a significant move in this regard by publishing quality scientific journals which are accessible by anyone anywhere. The goal of PLoS is to provide unlimited access to the latest scientific research. PLoS launched a high-quality biology journal, PLoS Biology, in October 2003, and this will be followed by a high-quality medical journal in 2004. PLoS charges the authors to publish their paper and gives it freely to the users.Visit the PLoS website to know more about this interesting movement.