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Power browsing with Opera

Mar 5th, 2008 Posted in Jack's Tools | Comments Off on Power browsing with Opera

Opera is my favourite browser for years. Here are my reasons for it:

1. tabbed browsing. Now IE also has it, but Opera offers a lot more, like previewing tabs
2. Integrated Google and other searches. I can add my own search engine!
3. ‘copy to note’ feature-while reading pages, if I see a nice quote, what I will do in IE? Copy and paste it into a text/Word file, save it and forget it where I saved it! In Opera, just select it and “copy to note”.
4. Wand tool for remembering username/passwords and logging in to different sites. IE will insert the remembered password only if you key in the username. Opera will insert the username,password and click the submit button also with a single click
5. Mouse gestures
6. Download manager
7. RSS reader
8. Voice- when i’m too tired to look on the screen I can sit and relax, hearing Opera reading jokes for me!
9. Popup blocker
10.If you are reading this article in IE, and want to go to Opera site, how you will go? Because no links are provided here. If you were in Opera, you can just select the word “Opera” in this article, click right mouse button and select “go to URL”. You will be redirected to

There is much more. So, why don’t you give a try?

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